Having the Right mind-set for Being a Leader

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Having the Right mind-set for Being a Leader

“Experience is the best teacher.”

It’s helpful to think of Learning Mind-set as a set of prescription lenses, through which you view the world and your experience. If you operate with a mind-set that leads you to view work projects or tasks only as things that you need to do in order to fulfill your job responsibilities and to succeed, then you will most likely focus only on producing the desired results “on time and under budget,” using your current knowledge and skills.

  • Internally: reflecting, gaining insights, developing our self-awareness
  • Interactions with others: reading the emotions of others, empathy, listening, adapting our style
  • The wider world: Strategy, trends, industry, planning

It might be interesting for you to reflect where you are focusing currently and the impact of that.

Only by being purposeful on what we pay attention to as leaders and how we use our limited cognitive resources are we empowered to be able to choose and create a positive impact. If management by objectives characterised the 1970’s challenges of getting everything done, perhaps today’s challenge is identifying the critical few things to do and the many other things to stop doing.

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